apology to the khalifa

it is almost considered an act of treason in these treacherous times to suggest appeasement, to suggest that yes maybe it would have been better to have gotten our troops out of arabia and to have cut off support for the zionazi military adventure in palestine, not to mention our own transgressions and occupations of the lands of the khalifa, in bosnia, kosovo, turkey, egypt, afghanistan, etc.; but no one was saying that except the super-patriot pat buchanan

well, i'm saying it now

and it would have been better if we had recognized who our enemy was and confronted him in a christian way, resisting not evil, but returning good for it

and to have charitably offered refuge to all jews in the khalifa and to have considered any who refused beyond reason and justice

and to have withheld support for the enemies of the khalifa: the puppet, colonialist governments we attempted to dominate for the benefit of a corrupt, destructive, super-national cabal; so that they, the wretched saudis and the renegade saddam, could be overthrown by the uprising of the devout, driven by the desire for a moral social order

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