reform the environment

do not try to reform mankind; reform his environment and mankind will take care of itself. fuller; skinner

reform the environment; make it better: build up rainforests; tear down slums.

those neighborhoods in the megalopolises which are deemed "high crime areas" will be razed and their populations relocated in rural areas under the coordination of the united states military.

the population will receive valuable training and honorable employment in a vast government project the likes of which the great roosevelt himself would never have dreamed.

training will be under direction of a redirected military and agricultural department. the military will teach self-discipline and self-respect, and the agricultural department will teach labor intensive organic farming and related subjects.

when a relocatee has acheived the age of twenty-one and has completed what should be the requirements to live an an intelligent, productive and cooperative adult life, he or she shall be allowed to drink, smoke, carry a gun, get a tattoo, get married, vote in local elections and join the local militia.

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