americas man on horseback

americas man on horseback

congratulations: you are the man; the world historical man of the hour. you are on the verge of accomplishing what napoleon failed to do: plant the seeds of democracy in a hostile environment.

those of us who doubted; chris matthews, pat buchanan, myself and nearly everyone i know, were left looking like slack jawed war protestors who nearly missed the war.

enjoy a moment of sweet “i told you so.” heighten the enjoyment of being “the liberator” by contrasting it with nixon’s discomfort at being “the crook”:

your troops are heroes; his were suckers and dupes and victims we were all suckered into his war; you telegraphed your intentions months ahead generating a debate that was the most open and thorough of any major policy issue since the constitution with a protest that was civil and orderly and whose containment was “clean and professional”; not the blood on the streets of nixon’s day you won splendidly; he ran away with his kissinger between his legs one man in fifteen on the battlefield was killed in his war; one in fifteen hundred was killed in yours; civilian casualties were about the same as in afghanistan or the twin tower attack; not the world war two type slaughter of innocents in vietnam

but enough of this gloating: we have just begun to fight. you are surrounded by enemies. turkey has betrayed you and has become a hotbed of militant islamic fundamentalists; iran has been our enemy since they took our embassy hostage – it’s time for payback; and syria needs a little shock and awe if they are to be coaxed into cooperation on Palestine

train and equip the kurdish iraquis and sponsor an independent kurdish state. foment kurdish secessionist movements in turkey, syria, and iran and back them up. Confront these three renegade nations and make them back off. then call in the un to redraw the borders. you will have a grateful friend, of the caliber of the israelis, at your back.

while you are engaged in this ploy leave the humanitarian efforts to the non governmental organizations for disaster relief. do not attempt to take credit for this. merely see that they get what they need.

do not choose a strong man to lead iraq. choose an interim council to guide the transition to constitutional order. let the members appear frequently on television so that the iraqui public can form preferences for their first election.

withdraw our troops from the holy land of arabia (we have our own bases now); and concentrate on peace in palestine.

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