peace in the holy land

peace in the holy land

syria must remove all troops from lebanon and renounce terrorism in israel and palestine

the israelis must abandon all the settlements in occupied palestine and retreat behind the 1948 borders

the palestinian refugees shall occupy the former jewish settlements

southern lebanon, the golan heights, the west bank and gaza strip shall be demilitarized and occupied by united nations troops; if the united nation balks, the united states will do it; they know we mean it

civil affairs of southern lebanon will be handled by lebanon, of the golan heights by syria, of the west bank by jordan and of the gaza strip by egypt

there will be no state of palestine

egypt, jordan, syria and lebanon will sign a peace treaty with israel
the five nations will convene in perpetuity in jerusalem, which shall become an international city

"nathan the wise" shall be played once a year on the anniversary of the signing

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