the bechtel coverup

mr. president, i heard you admit today that you may never find proof of wmd or corpse or living body of saddam the tyrant. another question you did not address--indeed i have yet to hear it asked--is: those torture chambers, they were empty, no? proof of a compliant, reformist police state and it's honest top cop?

at any rate, the new iraq must be built, and there is no time to sift the endless sands of the desert or the ruins of the bombing for secret tunnels as if it were the ruins of the world trade center containing the bodies of innocent americans;

so the ruins will be covered up by the company hired to rebuild the iraqi infrastructure, to make it safe for a democracy in compliance with u.s. national interests: the bechtel corporation, a company in which the architects of the success in iraq on which your soaring popularity depends, cheney, rumsfeld, pearle, wolfowitz, have a vested financial interest, significant enough to influence popular opinion.

these connections are sure to be pointed out by your detractors, such as the firebrand plotter and instigator medea benjamin of global exchange in her protected lair in the midst of the economically depressed, crime-ridden san francisco bay area with it's disgruntled liberal intellectuals who bloat it's school rooms and bureaucracies.

i have seen her on tv, cheering on a mob of war protesters and cool and collected among aggressive, antagonistic talking heads. she is the new ralph nader. she could sour your upcoming re-election, turning it from a popular acclamation into a mere majority of congress.

may i suggest you are carrying some now unneeded baggage? defuse this situation by publicly distancing yourself from those who have brought you to this pinnacle of opportunity.

receive them warmly in your drawing rooms, but not in your government. choose colin powell as your running mate for the next election. appoint condoleza rice to state and tommy franks to defense. these people are perceived as being uncompromised even by their opponents.

cleanse yourself and the nation. do not let the taint of scandal spoil your victory.