• Eliminate Starvation and Malnourishment
  • Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Provide Health Care & AIDS Control
  • Stop Deforestation
  • Provide Shelter
  • Stop Ozone Depletion
  • Provide Clean Safe Water
  • Prevent Acid Rain
  • Eliminate Illiteracy
  • Prevent Global Warming
  • Provide Clean, Safe Energy: Efficiency
  • Remove Landmines
  • Provide Clean, Safe Energy: Renewables
  • Refugee Relief
  • Retire Developing Nations Debt
  • Eliminating Nuclear Weapons
  • Stabilize Population
  • Build Democracy
  • The above items are what the world wants and can be accomplished by diverting 30% of the annual world’s military budget. Details can be browsed at www.osearth.com

    Since the U.S. military budget is approximately half of the total world’s military expenditures, the U.S. acting unilaterally could give the world what it wants by diverting 30% of its military expenditures for two years or 10% for six years.

    Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will ever reduce the military budget. Quite frankly, they are bought and paid for by the tiny minority who profit from war. The warmongers write the laws that the politicians rubber stamp. The five major wars since WWII, in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, were conducted by three democrats, Truman, Johnson and Clinton, and four Republicans, Eisenhower, Nixon, and the two Bushes, with enthusiastic bilateral support. None of these wars accomplished anything except the destruction and degradation of life, property and the environment and the enrichment of the warmongers. They have certainly done absolutely nothing to give the world what it wants.

    Ralph Nader in his Green Party bid for the Presidency proposed cutting the military budget by 50%. I rest my case.

    published by Badwater Dave's Medicine Wagon on June 10, 2003.