the vision thing

the vision thing

its the economy, stupid! dont let this taunt worry you. the economy runs on spirit and spirits are high. you have achieved an incredible catharsis and cleansing for this nation: a euphoria of patriotism. dont let it down.

but to be blunt: war aint cheap enough to go around knocking off all the tyrants and liberating all the people. somehow we have to offload some of this responsibility now that we have made our point.

the theme will be building and rebuilding: rebuilding iraq; rebuilding afghanistan; building up kurdistan; rebuilding the yugoslavia that was so mercilessly destroyed by the bloody bomber of belgrade, the unspeakable clinton.

and rebuilding a neglected america. not by you; you were busy defending america from mideast terrorists in response to the twin towers attack; but your successes have created a tranquility that needs to be filled with purpose, with vision.

the vision need not be implemented in your term; it need only inspire the recovery. those who follow will insure your legacy.

many things need doing, but the vision thing requires something symbolic, something deeply american, something with deep roots from back in the day; something homey:

the family farm!

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